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How to Qualify

Presently during COVID we are serving those in need around the Palo Alto area.  If you fall within the income guidelines that are put out by the USDA (scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the button USDA income guidelines) and cannot find help right in your own neighborhood, email us at  No referral is necessary at this time.

You must email for appointment.

No one should be choosing between rent and food!

GREAT NEWS!  The income guidelines we follow from Second Harvest/USDA have been raised to include more individuals and families!!

You may qualify to receive groceries from us.  You will need to answer a few questions before receiving the groceries.

1) Name and birthdate of all people in the household;

2) Verify that your income meets the USDA income guidelines

Fresh Vegetables in Basket

List of items to bring with you:

You will need to provide information in order to become a client of the Food Closet.

-Names and birthdates of all people in your household

-cell phone number - food appointments are required to get food

-Self certify your total household income (income of all people living in the household) falls under the USDA guidelines for income requirements

USDA Income Guidelines 2021_Page_1.jpg

USDA Income Guidelines for Food Assistance